Cuddly Bats characters, comics, designs and all images found on and are copyrighted ©Cuddly Bats and protected by the intellectual property law. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

If you are interested in licensing my work for commercial usage, please contact me by using the contact form on this website. (CONTACT)


Can I share/repost your comics?

You are free to share my comics and illustrations, as long as watermark is not removed from the images and you tag/credit Cuddly Bats in your post. IMPORTANT NOTE: Illustrations can not be edited or used to gain profit. If you are unsure if you are breaking the rules, please contact me.  

Can I make a Fan Art of your characters?  

You can make a Fan Art of my characters as long as you give tag/credit and don’t gain any profit from it.  

I’ve seen unauthorized use of your artwork. What should I do?  

Thank you for looking out for me. If you see unauthorized use of my characters, please contact me right away and my team will look into it.  

Can I get a tattoo with your work?  

For personal use, you are allowed to get a tattoo of my characters. Of course a little donation for the image is greatly appreciated. ♥  


And don't forget to tag/credit Cuddly Bats if you decide to post photos online. I would love to see them. ♥  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tattoo artists and shops may not sell or otherwise offer Cuddly Bats images as tattoo designs.