Luna - Cuddly Bats Comics

Luna is Shadow's girlfriend. She is a joyful and imaginative little bat who loves creating comics and hanging out with her boyfriend. She is a big sweet tooth and a fast cookie eater. Although she can be a bit childish sometimes, her sweetness will charm you for sure. 


Shadow - Cuddly Bats Comics

Shadow is Luna's boyfriend. He is a caring and sweet bat who is always there for his girlfriend. He can be a little grumpy sometimes, but a kiss from Luna will always fix that. He enjoys experimental cooking, hiking in the winter and is a big fan of Halloween. 


Lizzy - Cuddly Bats Comics

Lizzy is a small spider that lives in Luna and Shadow's home. Although she might look a little scary, don't judge her based on appearance. She is the sweetes tiny spider, with the biggest, kindest heart.